Top Image: Yuula Benivolski

Here’s to the very first Ravine Days!

Oct 11, 2017

The trails re-opened, the gargoyles were unveiled, and bikers and hikers returned to the Lower Don marking the first Ravine Days! Even with record high temperatures, people came out to enjoy the trails and participate in the ravine day programming.

Toronto Mayor John Tory cycles across the Pottery Road Bridge.
Toronto Mayor John Tory cycles across the Pottery Road Bridge/Yuula Benivolski

Along the trail, communities participated in the various activations lead by the City of Toronto, Charlies Free Wheels and Evergreen including group rides, guided walks, insect hotel building, leaf identifying activities and the unveiling of the art installation by Duane Linklater.

Someone takes a photo of the Duane Linklater installation during Ravine Days.
Andrea Gimblett

The morning began when a group of 45 riders including Mayor John Tory, councillors, donors and partners rode to Pottery Road Bridge to officially re-open the trail and launch the Don River Valley Art program.

Kids climb on top of the sculptures.
Andrea Gimblett

Later in the afternoon at the gargoyle installation, artist Duane Linklater and his family met with trail users to celebrate the launch of the art program.

Kids play in the Don River Valley Park.
A child rests on the sculpture.

Thank you to all of our dedicated volunteers who helped make this event possible.

Looking forward to hitting the trails!